Kanchanaburi ordered to contest the state-level household.

June 20, 2560 at Major Sunee Thongdee Development in Kanchanaburi. Assigned Mrs. Nipaporn Phanong, Community Development Specialist. Promotion group And Ms. Vipavee Visanuwong, Community Development Specialist The Information Technology Group led by Mrs. Pranee Rungratanapongporn Sample Sample Community Households From Nong Prue District Which was selected as a representative of Kanchanaburi. Participated in the Workshop on Women in the Sammakorn Community Center (Central Region), attended by 75 participants. Mr. Sinchai Thanomsom, Chief Inspector of the Community Development Department He presided over the opening of the conference at Chonburi Community Development and Education Center, Mueang District, Chonburi.

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